Short and medium term requirements and usage for fishmeal and oilcake
Compiled by JSG JOUBERT: PRF

  1. The contents of the various tables endeavour to portray production and consumption trends for oilcakes and fishmeal, as well as the agricultural commodities from which oilcakes are derived. Another important fact that is highlighted is the relative large percentage of oilcake requirements that has to be imported to satisfy local demand.
  2. The numbers presented in these tables are the basis of the Protein Research Foundation's (PRF) motivation to promote the local production of protein-rich agricultural commodities. The gap between local demand and local production of oilcakes is an important yardstick to measure progress in this regard.
  3. Table 3 reflects the actual usage of commodities in the Table up to a certain time by members of the Animal Feed Manufacturers Association (AFMA). The actual usage figures are then scaled up to reflect the usage figures over a twelve-month period. AFMA supplies the PRF with these figures on a bi-monthly basis. It is therefore obvious that as the year progresses the upscaled figures becomes more accurate.
  4. Table 1 portrays the projected requirements / sales of oilcake and fishmeal for a specific year while the local production (availability) of these commodities are carried over from Tables 4 and 5. The difference between the requirements / sales and that being available / produced represents that shortages that have to be imported.
  5. The projected oilcake and fishmeal consumption by AFMA members are carried over to Table 2. The difference between these figures and the projected total requirements / sales of these commodities represent the usage by non-AFMA members, as well as stocks in hand.
  6. The contents of Tables 6 and 7 are based on estimates supplied by the National Crop Estimates Committee. Production and area estimates for the various crops are updated more or less on a monthly basis by the Committee and becomes more accurate as the marketing and production year for a specific crop progresses.
  7. Table 7 represents opening stock, imports and production figures for various crops to reflect a total supply figure in the RSA. The data is obtained from Grain South Africa.