PRF postgraduate research scholarships
in protein for animal nutrition

Objective of the scholarship

The objective of the PRF Postgraduate Research Scholarships is to provide deserving students with the opportunity to obtain a Masters or Doctoral degree that will enable them to make a contribution to high quality scientific research in the supply and/or utilisation of protein in animal nutrition. The subject of study for the Masters degree must fall within the broad framework of the mission, vision and goals of the PRF. Doctoral scholarships will only be considered if the subject of study is deemed by the PRF to be of a high priority.


The scholarship is open to citizens of the Republic of South Africa who have qualified for admission to a Masters or PhD degree at a recognised tertiary institution.


The scholarship is awarded on merit, and in the case of a PhD, according to the requirements of the PRF for the specific study.

Value of and number of scholarships

The total value of the scholarship will vary according to the length of the study. For the Masters Degree the guideline is two years and for the Doctorate three years. The value of the scholarship is R60 000 per annum. This amount is paid directly to the candidate at the commencement of each academic year, following the receipt of adequate proof that the candidate has been accepted and is registered at the University for the year in question. The allocation of a scholarship in one year should not be regarded as a guarantee that this will be repeated in succeeding years. Scholarship allocations for succeeding years will be paid upon receipt of documentation from the academic supervisor that satisfactory progress was made during the previous academic year, as well as proof of reregistration of the candidate by the university.


The successful candidate must conduct an approved research project under the leadership of a recognised supervisor at the university concerned. The project may be used towards the fulfilment of the requirements for the postgraduate qualification. A formal contract must be signed by both parties.

Progress reports

An annual progress report must be submitted by the academic supervisor, and the incumbent is requested to submit a final report in the form of a thesis on completion of the research. The PRF would appreciate being informed of papers emanating from the study that are published either in the scientific or popular press so that these can be placed on the PRF website for wider distribution.

Selection of candidates

Candidates should submit PRF scholarship applications to their university administration, and the names of those who have applied for the first time should be listed in priority sequence by the University. Applications from those candidates selected by the university are then submitted to the PRF. Selected candidates may be requested to attend a personal interview, costs of which are carried by the PRF. Applications are evaluated by the PRF at a meeting in October each year and the results of the selection procedure are made known directly after that meeting (30 October).

Closing date

Completed applications must reach the PRF by 29 September.

Further details and application forms are available at

The Administrative Officer
Protein Research Foundation
P.O. Box 1564

49 River Road, Woodmead Ext 1

T.  +27 11 803 1894
T.  +27 11 803 2579
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