Research Report 2008/2009




Researchers, contractors, co-workers and other interested parties are involved in so many of the actions and activities of the Protein Research Foundation (PRF), accordingly an annual research report is essential in providing feedback to these parties regarding the activities in the past year and the decisions that have been taken during that time by the Board. In this way everyone involved has an opportunity of obtaining a broad picture of these activities.

This research report is all-encompassing and its contents have been kept as objective as possible, which means that it includes both the good and bad news, this being typical of research. The Board is satisfied that good progress continues to be made in promoting the vision and mission of the PRF. In fact, there is an overall air of optimism because of the snowballing effect that progress in soybean production is having on the Industry. Ultimately though, we continue to be dependent upon the cooperation of specialists who are seldom readily available.

The PRF is in the privileged position of always having had resources available to fund projects that have merit, but unfortunately a recurring trend is that, in spite of funds being available, shortages of skilled manpower have resulted in some projects not being executed. Such problems, as well as others, are monitored on an ongoing basis and where possible, alternative strategies are employed to resolve these issues.

The serious worldwide economic decline did not leave the PRF unscathed, but we are grateful that our cash flow has not been affected and that all activities are continuing as normal. Thus all people in South Africa will continue to benefit from the efforts of the PRF to promote an increase in the production of local protein for animal consumption, thereby replacing imported protein and thus also improving South Africa's balance of payments.

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