CREDIT. Canola Council of Canada (2011) The Canola Production TIPS booklet – updated in November 2012 – is a pocket-sized, 44-page laminated booklet summarizing the major sections of the Canola Growers Manual. Illustrations and colour photographs make the booklet a useful quick reference.

2021   (2 documents)

Web study: Canola
Du Preez JCG (February 2021)   PDF

Crop protection remedies registered for use on canola
Protein Research Foundation (2021)    PDF

2018   (1 document)

Canola production guide / Canola produksiehandleiding
Agenbag GA –  Stellenbosch University   (2018)   E-BOOK

2014   (2 documents)

Web study: Canola. / Webstudie: Canola.
(January / Januarie 2014)    PDF

Sclerotinia snippets from canola web study 2014.
Agenbag GA (2014)    PDF

2013   (2 documents)

Entomology in South Africa: Where do we come from, where are we now and where are we going?
Giliomee JH (SOUTH AFRICAN JOURNAL OF SCIENCE, January/February 2013, Volume 109 (1/2))   PDF

Determining the area of arable land suited to canola production in the Western Cape.
Hardy MB, Wallace MG (2013)    PDF (Volume 1: Text)    PDF (Volume 2: Tables and Figures)

2012   (1 document)

Canola production calendar.
Agenbag GA (2012)   PDF

2011   (1 document)

Canola diseases: the back pocket guide.
Grains Research & Development Corporation (GRDC) and TopCrop Australia (2011)   URL

2010   (1 document)

Canola produksiekalender.
Agenbag GA (2010)   PDF

2009   (1 document)

Canola oil: Factual consumer information.
Van Twisk P –  Protein Research Foundation Contractor   (2009)   PDF