Research Report 2017/2018
  1. Study grants and bursaries

    The PRF bursary scheme was approved in 1994 and the first bursary for postgraduate studies was awarded for the 1995 academic year. We are proud to look at a period of 23 years that included a total of 77 bursaries awarded to deserving candidates for Masters' and Doctorate studies. The aim of the bursary scheme is to train deserving candidates to allow them to contribute to high quality scientific research after completing their studies. This includes, in particular, research aimed at promoting the production of protein for animal consumption.

    Students are also encouraged to publish research results, in co-operation with their mentors. This includes publication in scientific journals or popular magazines or both. Management summaries of theses and manuscripts are also published on the PRF website and data base.

    Bursaries for Masters' studies are awarded for a period of two study years and three years in case of Doctorate studies. Bursaries awarded for this year were approved by the Bursary Committee (a sub-committee of the Marketing Committee) and were as follows:

    1. M.Sc Studies

      1. Mr PJG le Roux (Second application)
        "Die evaluasie van tand- en skyf-oopmakers om canola te vestig op grond met verskillende fisiese, chemiese en biologiese toestande (grondkwaliteit)." – Stellenbosch University
      2. Mr E du Toit (First application)
        "Developing nitrogen fertiliser management strategies for canola under conservation agriculture practices in the Western Cape." – Stellenbosch University
      3. Mr FP du Toit (First application)
        "Optimering van wisselboustelsels vir die Swartland met spesifieke verwysing na canola." – Stellenbosch University
      4. Ms J van der Merwe (First application)
        "Evaluation of canola oilcake as alternative locally produced protein source for slaughter ostriches." – Stellenbosch University
      5. Ms L Jordaan (First application)
        "Die gebruik van chemiese middels en bedekking met polimere om die nie-degradeerbare proteïenfraksie van 'n verskeidenheid plaaslike geproduseerde plant­proteïen­bronne te verhoog." – Stellenbosch University
      6. Ms P Mbedzi (First application)
        "Initial screening of Soybeans for Simple Sequence Repeats conferring resistance to Sclerotinia sclero­tiorum." – Stellenbosch University
    2. PhD Studies

      1. Ms L van Emmenes (Third application)
        "The use of fly larvae meal as an alternative protein source in the diets of monogastric animals, farmer, consumer and environment." – Stellenbosch University
      2. Ms T Kahlu (First application)
        "The localisation of cysteine proteases and their inhibitors during the development and senescence of soybean nodules." – Stellenbosch University (student withdrew)
    3. Completed theses received

      During the year under review, the following theses were received from bursary recipients that completed their studies successfully.

      1. Mr FP du Toit
        "A financial analysis of combining crop rotation systems with appropriate potential soils in the middle Swart­land." – M.Sc, Stellenbosch University