Research Report 2009/2010




The vision and mission of the PRF is of great importance to all South Africans. No other institution in South Africa is involved in implementing foreign exchange savings by replacing imports of protein for animal use, creating job opportunities and simultaneously contributing significantly to food security in South Africa.

The main objective of the PRF, namely to reduce imported protein by producing more protein locally, implies clearly that there is presently insufficient protein being produced in South Africa for animal use, that South Africa is not self-sufficient in terms of livestock products such as meat, eggs and milk, and that there is no food security in terms of these aspects.

With this report, the PRF Board attempts to create a more complete picture of protein for animal use and its effects on protein for human consumption, creating employment opportunities and food security. We believe that those who, as a result of studying this report, assist in promoting the vision and mission of the PRF, would be rendering a special service to all in South Africa.

The lack of sufficient research funding, as well as the ineffective management of these limited funds, makes one wonder whether policy makers are truly serious about food security in South Africa. We are constantly being made aware of Africa's potential, which is a positive message for the South African economy, but the downside is that the rest of Africa is unlikely to be able to contribute where there are serious food shortages. Famine and suffering, as we have seen in many countries, would increase. If South Africa cannot care for itself, no one else would assist us in times of need.

The PRF trusts that the government departments involved in job creation, import replacement, food security and particularly protein for use not only by animals, but also by the people of South Africa, are aware of the contribution made by the PRF in these important areas, and that we are prepared to assist the Government in all these departments.

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